Keynote: “The Long War of Words About Cancer: What It Means for Doctors and Their Patients,” University of Wisconsin Health 22nd Annual Cancer Conference, Madison WI, October 18, 2024;

Keynote: “Talking About Cancer:  Words Matter,” Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley Survivor Summit (in-person and by Zoom), June 7, 2024


“Breast Cancer Advocacy and Finding Your Voice.” SurvivingBreastCancer.org webinar, November 22 2023.

Panel discussion with health and science journalists Amy Dockser Marcus and Robin Lloyd, at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, “Storming the Lab: Understanding the revolution in patient-led health care,” October 12, 2023. You can watch a this video recording.

Phoenix Public Radio: “This oncologist doesn’t see cancer as a ‘battle’ you can win” with host Lauren Gilger on KJZZ’s The Show, June 15, 2023, listen here

“Book Talk With the Author Elaine Schattner,” sponsored by Cancer Bridges and open to the public, September 13, 2023, video.  

New Books podcast with host Ron Winslow, “From Whispers to Shouts: The Ways We Talk About Cancer,” August 28, 2023. Listen here

“The Ways We Talk About Cancer: History and Ethical Implications” (by Zoom), Division of Medical Ethics, Weill Cornell Medicine, June 15, 2023.

“Facts, Hope, and Hype: Ethical Issues in Communicating About Cancer,” Division of Medical Ethics, NYU Grossman School of Medicine (by Zoom, May 8, 2023).

Instagram Live with Dr. Liz O’Riordan (May 5, 2023).

Tulsa Public Radio: “Medical Monday” on KWGS with Dr. John Schumann, April 17, 2023, listen here

Author’s Night: “From Whispers to Shouts: The Ways We Talk About Cancer,”  New York Academy of Medicine (New York Academy of Medicine (March 7, 2023). 

Keynote speaker, “Cancer and the Public: An Evolving Conversation,” University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center retreat, Madison WI (March 4, 2020).

Plenary Speaker, “Cancer, Journalism and Social Media: Deciphering Hype and Facts,” Arizona Oncology Society Annual Meeting, Phoenix AZ (April 12, 2019)

Panelist: “Advocating for Yourself and Others with Metastatic Breast Cancer,” Living Beyond Breast Cancer 2018 Conference on Metastatic Breast Cancer, Philadelphia PA, April 21, 2018. Audio here.

Keynote panelist: “Visions for the Future of Cancer Prevention,” 2018 Dialogue for Action conference, Prevent Cancer Foundation, McLean VA, April 13, 2018

Keynote speaker: “A System Without Slack: How Delivering Care Harms the Health of Physicians” at Northwell Health Physician Burnout Conference, Manhasset, NY, January 8, 2018. Slideshare, here.

Panelist: “Quality Conversations on Social Media: Achieving Credibility and Efficiency Together” American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting, Atlanta GA (December 10, 2017). Reported, here.

Panelist: Health Affairs and Physicians’ Foundation event: “The Practice Of Medicine: Workplace Satisfaction In A Changing Environment,” Washington DC (Nov 30, 2017)

Grand Rounds: “News Without Gatekeepers: Social Media and Medicine,” Weill Cornell Medicine, Dept. of Medicine, New York, NY (Nov 29, 2017). Slideshare, here.

Featured Speaker, Living Beyond Breast Cancer Annual Summit, Philadelphia, April 8, 2016, Thriving Together: 2016 Conference on Metastatic Breast Cancer; opening panel moderator, “Metastatic Breast Cancer: Yesterday’s Lessons, Tomorrow’s Progress” (telecast)

Moderator, Interactive Panel at SXSW Festival, Austin, TX, March 13, 2016: Health & MedTech program on innovative cancer tech, discussion preview on SlideShare – “Finding Cancer”

Radio, BBC Radio 5 Up All Night with Tom Green interview on cancer and “the best death” Jan 2, 2015 (9 min. seg: 22 min – 31 min )

Radio, BBC World News World Have Your Say panel discussion: “Is Cancer the Best Death?” Jan 1, 2015

Radio, 99% Invisible (KALW, San Francisco), in feature: Castle On the Park (produced by Jessica Miller), aired Sept 16, 2014

Cancer Education Campaigns in Progressive Era New York City: The Role of Women Speaker at the New York Academy of Medicine – Feb 6, 2014

Have Breast Cancer Campaigns Been Beneficial? , on Al Jazeera English TV “Inside Edition” – Nov 1, 2012

How is Doctor Burnout Affecting Patients?, on MPR‘s “the Daily Circuit,” radio, hosted by Kerri Miller – Sept 13, 2012

An Oncologist’s Perspective: on Evidence, Economics, and Being the Patient, Grand Rounds at the Washington DC VA Medical Center, Feb 8, 2012



A personal story and reflection on the importance of physicians’ health: The Personal Toll Of Practicing Medicine Health Affairs, February 2017.

In which I reflect on my experiences as a doctor and as a patient: “How To Be Your Own Advocate” – interview by Hospital Warrior author Bonnie Friedman, February 2018.

An interview with Dr. Chadi Nabhan on cancer patient advocacy, diversity of concerns, medical journalism, Pharma support, ACT-UP, and more: “Challenges and Opportunity of Patient Advocacy,” Journal of Clinical Pathways, April 2019.


Selected Presentations From My Prior Career:

Invited speaker, International Conference on B Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders – II, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 3, 2001

Plenary speaker, Lymphoma and Myeloma 2000 Conference, New York, NY, Oct 5, 2000

Invited speaker, Leukemia Section, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston TX, Sept 13, 2000

Plenary talk, VIIIth International Workshop on CLL, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, Oct 30, 1999

Grand Rounds, Department of Medicine, The New York Hospital, New York, NY, March 6, 1999

Invited speaker, Lymphoma Section, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston TX,  Jan 14, 1999

Grand Rounds, The Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, Feb 12, 1997

Plenary speaker, ASCO/AACR Joint Conference on Lymphoma, Indian Wells, CA, Jan 16, 1997


Topics I enjoy speaking about:

Book: From Whispers To Shouts: The Ways We Talk About Cancer

History of Cancer Patient Advocacy

Cancer Prevention

Patients’ Rights

Physicians’ Health