ES in the News:

Cancer Today Magazine – 2018: Paying for Tumor Testing (March); De-escalating Treatment (Dec.)

MD Magazine – January 29, 2018: “From Physician to Patient,” about Physicians’ Retirement: “All doctors should be able to enjoy a long career and help more patients. A slower pace will help many physicians to stay in practice for longer.”

ASH Clinical News – January 26, 2018: Social Media Quality Control for Physicians

Maclean’s – May 26, 2017: Is the anti-mammography movement based on bad science?

Warum die Onkologin Elaine Schattner ihren geliebten Beruf aufgab. Medinside (Switzerland) Feb 15, 2017

It’s a rare individual, physician or not, that can reach an audience of that size, breadth and relevance to the healthcare system.” – report of the W20 Group, June 2016: Profile in the Social Oncology Landscape: Elaine Schattner, MD

US News & World Report – April 15, 2016: Informed Consent, and Patient Preferences in Cancer Decisions

Radio, BBC World News World Have Your Say panel discussion: “Is Cancer the Best Death?” Jan 1, 2015

Smithsonian – March 19, 2015: Could a Bra Actually Detect Cancer?

AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) Reporter – May 2013: Wanting It All: A New Generation of Doctors Places Higher Value on Work-Life Balance

NPR Shots – May 15, 2013: on Breast Cancer, Risk and Women’s Imperfect Choices

Radio interview,  Thom Hartmann: on BRCA testing and Angelina Jolie’s decision – May 15, 2013

Washington Post: Hospitals use Twitter…to Showcase Surgical Procedures – May 6, 2013

Can Human Genes Be Patented?, on Thom Hartmann’s “The Big Picture” – April 17, 2013

ACP Internist – April, 2013 issue: on Physicians’ work-life balance

Have Breast Cancer Campaigns Been Beneficial? , on Al Jazeera English TV “Inside Edition” – Nov 1, 2012

How is Doctor Burnout Affecting Patients?, on MPR‘s “the Daily Circuit,” radio, hosted by Kerri Miller – Sept 13, 2012

Patient Perspectives (interview) at PharmaPhorum – Aug 24, 2012

Jezebel – May 23, 2012: on Lawmakers and the myth about abortions and breast cancer

National Partnership for Women & Families – March 9, 2012: on the War on Women

National Association of Science Writers – March 17, 2011:  on devastation after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan

The Ladies Home Journal – Nov. 25, 2009: on cervical cancer screening