Book Group Discussion Questions 

What is cancer awareness?  

From Whispers to Shouts: The Ways We Talk About Cancer

What is meant by fatalism concerning cancer?

Battle language has been applied to cancer in many contexts. Discuss why some patients chose to say they were battling or fighting cancer, and why some patients and doctors caution against using these metaphors.

Which story about an individual with cancer did you find most interesting?

Were any of the book’s episodes disturbing?

What is your favorite cancer-themed movie or book?

How have public sources of information about cancer changed since the early 1900s? Since the 1960s? Since 2000?

Do people today feel obligated to share a cancer diagnosis? What’s the upside? Is there a downside? Are there risks of disclosure?

In what ways has there been meaningful scientific progress against cancer since 1990?

How has racism affected cancer research and care?

What are sources of disparity in cancer care and deaths?

Is cancer care a luxury?

Has awareness backfired?

How might some cancers be prevented?

Do you think cancer is, or should be, less feared than it was a generation ago?