Why We Shouldn’t Be Complacent About Ebola

The CDC and WHO should not stop educating doctors, nurses and the public about hygiene and best practices, in hospitals and in affected communities, to reduce the odds of Ebola spreading.

So What About That Acrylamide In Your French Fries?

In 2002, scientists reported that acrylamide forms when seemingly healthy carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes, other root vegetables and grains are cooked at high temperatures by frying, roasting, broiling, toasting or baking.

More Butter for Your Bread?

  A fresh debate on nutritional guidelines leads to the discovery of an old food wheel that listed butter as a recommended food group when the country was in need of bigger soldiers for war.  

You’re Sick and I’m Not, Too Bad

“The insurance market as it works today basically slices and dices the population. It says, well you people with medical conditions, over here, and you people without them, over here… – Jonathan Cohn, Editor of The New Republic, speaking on …