The Personal Toll Of Practicing Medicine

In this article, I reflect on the circumstances that led me to stop practicing medicine—work that I loved—and why the health of experienced doctors should be valued, and protected. Here’s the full article and podcast.

Why Yes, We Should Treat Cancer

To deny new cancer treatments that might prolong life in a good way, possibly for cure or a remission, or even just to tame the disease, is a misguided proposition.

So What About That Acrylamide In Your French Fries?

In 2002, scientists reported that acrylamide forms when seemingly healthy carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes, other root vegetables and grains are cooked at high temperatures by frying, roasting, broiling, toasting or baking.

Missing Tony Soprano

Over the course of its six groundbreaking seasons on HBO, we discussed every aspect of The Sopranos with friends and family—except for actor James Gandolfini’s size.

Who’s a Survivor?

Survivor seems a strange term for a patient like me, said by her oncologist to be in remission—meaning that there’s no overt evidence of persistent cancer cells in the body.

The X-Rays of Others

Marilyn Monroe’s x-rays, white-on-black films of her chest and pelvis, are up for grabs this weekend. The images, long held by the star’s…